Living the eCommerce game.

We spent more than a quarter of our lives working in e-commerce. Unconventional is our normal. Rethinking operations and processes on a daily basis.
Why are we good at what we do? We just love it.

Group Photo of founders Jacob, Emil and Kristian

creating an impact

For us it's not an option to ignore the future. Our goal is to be part of a movement that promotes sustainable entrepreneurship and actively contributes to a better future for generations to come.


achieving goals together

Alone you can do a lot, together we can achieve more!
We want to break new ground, learn & realize ideas together and enable others to do so as well.


taking unconventional paths

Rethinking every step we take. Our goal is to develop brands, products & services faster than others.

Who? We are three friends and are working now for more than 2 years together on different projects. We founded Sofft to bring our wildest ideas to life, build products that people love and enable others to do so as well.

Portait Emil
Emil Woermann - CEO

Together with Jacob, Emil realized different projects. From writing a national bestselling book at the age of 15 to building several eCommerce DTC brands with valuations over a million euros. From storefront to logistics. His expertise lies in operations & automatization.

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Portrait Kristian
Kristian Munsche - CTO

The brain behind the code. Kristian started his career at one of Germanys biggest eCommerce sites & merchants. With a strong background in business informatics he is our man for everything code and number based.

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Portrait Jacob
Jacob Leffers - CMO

Jacob is our ace when it comes to everything visual & marketing. Together with Emil, Jacob has built many high performing brands and found his home in performance online marketing. He builds brands & products that people love and convert.

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Let's connect

We love to hear from you. You have questions, ideas or just want to chat with us?